Quality children’s educational toys available at American Toyworks allow creativity, beauty, and craftsmanship to shine. Children learn through authentic play. Buying wooden educational toys at American Toyworks is ideal for parents, grandparents, and Waldorf or Montessori schools that value the importance of children’s creative playtime. The building blocks and dollhouses encourage children to play and wooden toys make great gifts for boys and girls.


I am a father and a cabinetmaker. Like you, I want my children to enjoy their childhood and play in inventive ways with the best toys available on the market. Originally, these natural wooden toys were made and designed for my own children. I had no intention of marketing them to other families. Soon, my cabinetry clients noticed the building blocks and wanted to know how to order them for their own children. The toys currently available at American Toyworks are made with the same hands and tools that we use to make luxury custom cabinets and bookshelves. Children are involved in the design process along the way, as they are the ones who can test and approve new ideas and directions. These toys are not made by a think-tank, nor a committee in a boardroom; they are child-centered in an authentic, organic way.

Block City Wooden Block Playset and Book